Terms and Conditions


Store credits on non-special orders can be issued with 72 HOURS CANCELLATION NOTICE. 

It is required to call BALLOON PLACE 604-284-2565 with at least 72 Hours notice to make changes or cancel your order. We DO NOT accept EMAIL CHANGES OR CANCELLATION.

Store credits are valid for 1 year from the original purchase date.

Single latex balloons, small foils, bubbles and orbz DO NOT include weights or arrangement. 

Please provide the recipients full name, phone number and/or buzzer number if they reside in a strata or apartment.  Someone must be able to receive the balloons during the delivery times selected. If the recipient is not home, we will call the recipient to to discuss arrangements to drop off the balloons with a neighbour/restaurant employee/reciptionist. If the delivery location is a house, we will leave the balloons in a bag at a house attached to a door or other area (except during extreme heat or cold), The balloon order will be returned to the store and an additional delivery fee to paid to re-deliver the balloon order

If the receiptant does not answer the phone/or buzzer (apartment/strata) we will return the balloons to the store and there will be an additional delivery fee charge to be paid to re-deliver the balloons.

We DO NOT guarantee balloons OUTSIDE due to temperature variations: wind, rain, heat or cold. High heat temperatures causes the helium/air to expand within seconds and the balloons can burst. Cold temperatures causes the helium in foil balloons to shrink, and the balloon look like they are deflating. The foil balloon will return when placed inside.

NOTE: When transporting balloons in vehicles during HOT DAYS it is recommended to turn on the air conditioning. DO NOT LEAVE BALLOONS INSIDE VEHCILES DURING HOT DAYS, THE HELIUM WILL EXPLAND IN SECONDS AND THE BALLOON CAN BURST.

NOTICE: Balloon bouquets, number and letter balloons ribbon are attached to the weight with a slip knot. To adjust the height, pull the hanging ribbon on the weight (DO NOT LET GO OF THE RIBBON WHEN PULLING), adjust to the desired height and tie a knot in the ribbon to secure the balloons on the weight.

WARNING: When picking up balloons, removing the balloons from the transport bag or placing/removing balloons in a vehicle without a bag, be careful not to pull on the hanging ribbon on the weight, the balloons can release and can fly away.